Monday, April 02, 2012

Texas State Championships

This past weekend, we drove up to Dallas for Bryan's State competition.  Nothing says "road trip" like 5 hours in the car and kids yelling "Moooom" constantly because they want stuff all the time.  Fun!  :p  While the gymnastics meet did not quite go as planned, everyone ended up learning a lot.  The entire team qualified for Regionals in Oklahoma in a couple of weeks, too, which is exciting!  Another road trip!  haha  Overall, Bryan did quite well at State.  He did try to use honey on his hands on pbars, which resulted in him nearly falling off.  Yeah, don't try something you've never done before for the first time at a meet!  Just because you see someone else doing something doesn't mean you should, especially not without talking to your coach first...  Learned that the hard way!  Fortunately, nobody got hurt in the process.  Well, except Bryan's ego.  He's been pretty upset about his own carelessness.  I guess that's enough punishment, right?  We're all about natural consequences around here, and this one was textbook.  Anyway, he did manage to place 13th all-around, which is still an awesome accomplishment.  Now to train for Regionals!

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