Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Ramblings

Well, that was fun!  We started out the month with a visit to the Weather Museum.  It's a rather small place, but the kids still had a fun time.  Then the birthdays started.  Kaylee went first, turning 7 years old.  She got to have a sleep over party with her two little friends, which was most definitely the highlight of her day.

A few days later, Elly got to celebrate her much anticipated 4th birthday.  A donut for breakfast and opening presents was all she needed to be happy.

Bryan finished out birthday week at our house when he turned 9.  Poor guy never did get a cake, not even a donut.  I think we were all done with the sweets by the time his birthday came around...  He may still get a party at some point, not entirely sure yet.  He was still happy, though.  After all, it's really the presents that make a birthday great, right?

Besides partying, the boys also enjoyed their scouting activities.  Bryan earned his Bear badge in Cub Scouts, and Tyler got to go on a camp out with his 11 year old scout troop.

Last week, we finally got to go on a field trip we'd been wanting to go on for quite some time.  I actually organized this one for our homeschool group.  We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science and saw the Crime Lab Detective exhibit.  It was worth it for the $3 field trip rate we paid, but I don't know that I would pay regular price for it.  The kids enjoyed it, especially the boys, but I was a bit underwhelmed.  Maybe my expectations were too high?  Or maybe it was the fact that Kaylee started having some tummy issues and I couldn't really spend as much time solving the crime as I would have liked.  We also saw Dawn of the Space Age, which everyone enjoyed immensely.  All in all, a fun field trip.  I love the science museum! 

Speaking of science, the kids have also been enjoying our new science curriculum we recently started.  We started with chemistry.  What's not to love when you get to play with marshmallows???


Erin said...

Hey we use Real Science 4 Kids too and did our Chemistry Lab with Marshmallows just a couple months ago. LOVE it! Lots of fun. Looks like you've been busy with all the good stuff! Glad to have an update on the blog ;).

Shannon said...

Steven just had to make atoms out of marshmallows for his Nuclear Science merit badge. Must be the season or something!