Friday, March 30, 2012

Artsy stuff - and a confession

The best laid plans...  Sometimes don't happen.  I have to confess here that I am not at all artsy, or crafty, or any of those things.  I have an awesome book of art, where different famous pieces of art are introduced, you can learn about the style, and then there is even a project idea with specific instructions, so you can re-create at home.  It is a wonderful book, and I have had every intention to incorporate it in our homeschool.  Actually, I have two of those types of books.  Another one that is geared to kids a little bit older. I love looking through the pages, and dreaming of doing all the fun projects.  The thing is, I have yet to actually DO something.  So, I've been feeling a little bit guilty for depriving my children of opportunities to express their creative sides.  I love reading blogs like my friend Arianne's, I love all the fun creative things she does with her kids.  And my own creativity ends there.  So this past week, as I was, once again, contemplating what I could do to make incorporating some sort of art education part of our weekly schedule, I found this one day, when I came home from piano lesson with Bryan.

Kaylee and Elly had raided our art supply basket and gone to town.  In the process, they learned about using different types of paint, mixing colors, layering colors, and they even got creative and did prints of their hands and feet.  And then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Something I had known for a long time, that had gotten lost somewhere in a dusty corner of my brain.  Children are not empty vessels waiting to be filled.  As a parent, I do not have to teach them everything.  Some things, yes, but for so many areas in learning, all I have to do is facilitate.  Provide materials and opportunities, and let them do the rest.  Then I started feeling better about my own lack of creative genius, because my kids will develop theirs all on their own.  And teach me in the process.

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