Saturday, December 31, 2011


Summing up a whole year, all in one post.  Note to self, blog regularly!  In 2011:

Tyler: Played basketball and had a great time.  He also turned 11 and officially moved from cub scouts to 11 year old boy scouts.  He now gets to go on overnight camp-outs!  He attended his first one in the fall, and had a great time.  Tyler also decided to give homeschooling a try.  We talked to him about homeschool vs. going on to middle school, and after going to the middle school orientation, he chose homeschool with his siblings.  He's been having lots of fun going on field trips, and has figured out that if he gets his school work done early in the day, he gets lots of playtime!  Tyler has also started babysitting his siblings from time to time, which has made my life much easier.  It's nice not having to load up everyone in the car every time I need to run an errand or take Bryan to the gym!

Bryan:  Kept busy with gymnastics.  He ended up finishing his level 5 season as Texas South State champion, go Bryan!  He also competed in Future Stars Testing again, and came in 4th in the 9 year old age group.  Besides gymnastics, Bryan has also enjoyed all of our field trips, and his cub scout activities.

Kaylee:  Took to homeschool much better than I had anticipated.  She has such a love of learning!  She transitioned quite well to me being her teacher, which is good.  She decided to continue recreational gymnastics, though turned down another offer to join team.

Elly:  Finally started talking!  While she had some vocabulary, she had been quite behind in her language development.  After her 3rd birthday, she finally started becoming a lot more talkative.  Better yet, we finally started understanding what she was saying!  That's always a bonus.  Elly also quite loved having all of her siblings home, and started her own "school" by getting pencil and paper whenever everyone else sat down to do their school work.  Park days have been her favorite.

We also did quite a bit of traveling during 2011.  We went on a trip to Germany in the spring, where we got to celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary.  The summer brought a family reunion with Dave's family at Aspen Grove family camp in Utah.  It was great seeing everyone, and the kids very much enjoyed getting reacquainted with their cousins.  The fall was filled with field trips, which everyone really enjoyed.  My grandpa passed away in October, so we decided to go on another trip to Germany for Christmas, to keep my grandma company.  All in all, 2011 was a busy and eventful year, and I wouldn't have it any other way!