Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Houston Museum for Natural Science

After the first year of homeschooling Bryan, and knowing that the rest of the kids would be staying home for the new school year, as well, I decided to follow the advice of one of my good friends and join a homeschool group.  I love it, not only for the support, but for the park days and field trips!  It's amazing how cheap museums become when you can get a group rate.  Awesome!  For our first field trip, we went to HMNS.  The kids had a blast!  First stop was the butterfly center.  It was amazing, I now want to get some plants that will attract butterflies, so we can have more in our own backyard.

Next stop was the IMAX theater, where we saw a movie about two different animal rescue centers, one for chimpanzees and one for elephants.  I was impressed with how people dedicated their lives to help these endangered animals.  After the theater, we got to spend time exploring the rest of the museum.

And learn about polymers.

We also got to see the gem exhibit, which the girls loved, haha.  It was a super fun day, and the kids have been begging to go back.

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