Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gardening Fun!

With the really wet and cold winter we had, I didn't get to do as much gardening as I had the year before. I was a bit sad, but what can you do? I did have a whole bunch of carrots, and kale. But that's about it. With less time spent actually gardening, I had more time to spend planning my summer garden, and decided I wanted to expand. Unfortunately, down here you can't just go out and start tilling the ground. A little more planning and work is required, as well as a bit more money to get everything set up. When my mom and uncle were here for a visit in March, I decided to put them to work and help me build a raised bed. It turned out quite nicely.

This is it, March 26th. Seeds planted! Having more space also allowed me to set aside half of the old bed for asparagus plants my friend gave me for my birthday. The roots all took, and I'm looking forward to fresh asparagus, maybe next Spring, but definitely the year after that!

April 3rd. First few seeds are beginning to sprout. My tomato and bell pepper seedlings are still in the little greenhouse at this point, trying to grow a bit stronger before going outside.

April 22nd. Coming along! The tomatoes survived the transfer, and are growing well.

May 8th. Obviously, everything is doing wonderfully. We harvested the first few zucchinis! There are a bunch of little tomatoes, too, though those will take a while longer before they're ready to harvest.

For this summer, I have three green zucchini plants, three yellow zucchinis, three tomato plants (pink and purple, we'll see how they turn out!), some green beans, cilantro, and two butternut squash plants that I'm growing up a trellis. We also raised the old bed up a bit higher with another layer of bricks, and it has the asparagus, two cucumbers, two bell peppers, and a bunch of red onions. There's also parsley, which is still there from last Fall, and some green onions. And the one kale plant, which I need to pull out... Here's hoping for a good harvest!


Erin said...

Looks great! I love learning how to garden in Texas. It's so rewarding to garden ANYWHERE but twice the fun here. (Three times if you're an expert gardener...not like me haha.)

corey said...

I think we're going to need to swap zucchini recipes. I have 7 huge plants, and I have like 3 recipes. And two of them involve chocolate! Help!

mrsjohn said...

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