Monday, March 01, 2010

Januray, February, March...

March! Already? Is it just me or does February always seem too short? ha Life has been crazy around here. I'd blame the lack of blogging on that, but mostly I've been suffering from blogitis. Also known as blog writer's block. Or something like that. :p Since I do keep this as sort of a journal, I figured I'd better sit down and write, well, something. Since enough has happened during the last few weeks to fill a blog post. During the last two months:
  • we attended four gymnastics meets, two of which were out of town (San Antonio and Dallas). Of those four, Bryan won all-around three times, and got one 2nd place. He is one amazing little boy.
  • Tyler played a lot of basketball. His team wasn't all that great, but he had fun. It's a good thing he's not competitive, he doesn't mind losing. He just likes to play. :o)
  • I turned 32. 32! I still feel like I'm 23. Well, except a little more mature, maybe. :p
  • my dad got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and has begun chemotherapy. He has a long road ahead of him. We're hopeful the chemo will stop further growth and spreading of the tumor. Being so far away from my parents has made dealing with this a very strange experience. I was in denial for a very long time. Now I'm just having a hard time with the fact that I can't be there. Contemplating a trip this summer, we'll see.
  • our to-do list has kept on growing. I keep adding more things than I'm taking off. Help? haha
  • it has been unusually cold and rainy, so not much has been happening in the way of gardening. It's sad, I had such a nice winter garden last year. I've now started a few plants indoors to hopefully plant by the end of this month. We're actually planning on putting in a second raised bed, so I should have a lot more space for planting stuff this year. Yay!
  • Tyler and Bryan have been enjoying their piano lessons. They are both doing quite well. I'm a bit jealous. Maybe I should sign myself up, too. :p
  • Kaylee has been making huge improvements in her gymnastics. Things are really starting to click for her, it's fun to watch. I just hope she'll be content with recreational gymnastics, can't afford two kids on teams!
  • Elly has finally started showing some interest in talking. She's now up to about a dozen words, and a handful of signs (I'm not consistent with the signing, I think she'd use more if I was). I'm contemplating having her evaluated for speech delay. Her receptive language is excellent, she understands both English and German perfectly, follows directions, etc. It's the speech part I'm getting a bit worried about. Will address that with our doctor when I take her in for her check-up, and we'll go from there.
Well, I think that about covers it. I have a bunch of pictures from Christmas I've been wanting to upload, hopefully I'll get around to it before Easter rolls around. :o)

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