Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Better late than never, right? (And yes, I know I already missed a day for NaBloPoMo...) We had a pretty fun day Saturday. I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, to be honest. I had no idea what Halloween even was until a few years ago, and now it's spreading throughout the world like a wildfire (or so it seems). Globalization? Commercialization? Well, whatever the case may be, the kids do get excited for it, so I try to be nice and play along. I still refuse to spend $30 on a cheaply made costume, though, so we reuse, reduce, recycle at our house. :p Tyler was a ninja (in his karate costume, so creative, I know!), Bryan was wolverine for the second (or third?) time in a row, Kaylee wore a tulle skirt we bought at a silent auction to benefit the young women at our church, and a pair of fairy (butterfly, whatever) wings she got at a friend's birthday party, and Elly wore Kaylee's costume from last year (a bit big, but hey, it worked, and she'll probably get to wear it a couple more times, hehe). Earlier in the day, we carved our pumpkin. When I pulled off the top, this is what I saw.

Cool, isn't is? I've never seen anything like it before! The gardener in me had a really hard time not just taking those little babies and planting them in the garden. It took some convincing myself that it is Fall, after all, and even in TX you don't plant pumpkins in the Fall. Unfortunately. When we were done carving the pumpking, we took it out to the front door, along with a few smaller pie pumpkins that the kids decorated (and that are going to be un-decorated later this week, to be turned into pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread, or pancakes, or something).

Later on, Dave took the kids trick-or-treating.

I stayed home so I could play on facebook. Uh, I mean, answer the door for the large numbers of trick-or-treaters we expected (all 20 of them, hehe).

The kids fared well. I'm glad I decided not to hand out candy this year (playdoh and little games are so much more fun, aren't they???), so at least I didn't add to the pile of candy that is now sitting in a bowl on top of our fridge (and that is mysteriously shrinking by the hour...).

And that, my friends, is the story of our awesomely scary (not really) and FUN Halloween. :p

Don't you love the one eyed pumpkin without a nose? He got two ears instead. We had to compensate somehow, you know. I think next year we will go back to a more traditional model of the jack-o-lantern. :p


3in3mom said...

Love the costumes! The kids are sure growing up fast!

Tamsyn Spackman said...

Your pumpkin reminds me of Mike from monsters inc.

Doreen said...

C, yes, they are! Won't be long and Tyler is going to be taller than me...

Tamsyn, you're right!