Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What? A post? You mean I'm supposed to write something?

I found out I do have some fans who still check in from time to time, and have been disappointed to not find a whole lot in the way of random ramblings or deep thoughts. Also, this IS supposed to be a sort of journal, and 2009 isn't looking so great with only 55 posts to date (this being #56). Maybe I should cancel my facebook account, I'm sure I'd have lots and lots of time to sit down and blog again. Saskia, I blame it all on you. You're the one who told me to join FB! hehe Ah well, what's done is done. I promise to be back more regularly, with exciting (and not-so-exciting) updates of all things random and deep. Crist, I'll try to cut back on the number of gardening posts, too, just for you. Okay, maybe not. Maybe you should just learn to appreciate the art and excitement of growing your own food. ;o)

That being said, it's now 2:30 p.m. and I'm still sitting around in my pj's. Better go get ready before the kids get home from school and we begin our busy Wednesday afternoon routine. Stay tuned for more (I promise!)!