Friday, August 07, 2009

More garden pictures!

I didn't think I was going to post more garden pictures so soon, but I am just blown away by how quickly everything is growing! I only put seeds in for the squash and cucumbers 3 weeks ago, and they are getting huge! The tomatoes are putting out flowers now, but if they grow anything like last summer, they won't actually set fruit until it cools down a bit, maybe the beginning of September. We shall see. I am really happy with the garden so far, I hope everything continues to grow well and we'll get to start harvesting soon!


Kelley said...

Gosh! In that kind of heat, anything is bound to grow that fast. :)

I'm kind of envious of your garden. We're doing a container garden, but the plants, though they are growing, are having a hard time staying very green and putting out fruit.

Doreen said...

Kelley, make sure you fertilize more frequently. Container gardens are more prone to having the nutrients leach out when you water them. :o)