Friday, August 14, 2009

Just call me the Pollinator

Last week, I had the first big beautiful flower open up on one of my squashes. It never got pollinated, however, and the little squash is shriveling away to nothing. Determined not to let that happen to my other squashes, I've decided to take matters into my own hands and help nature along a bit. I now go for my morning garden inspection armed with a q-tip. If the bees don't want to do their job, I will do it for them. So I've been going out and pollinating the little squashes. There are one or two open every morning, along with one or two male flowers. Just call me the Pollinator. Ha! It's certainly interesting how the bad bugs seem to have no problem finding my little plants, but for some reason, the good bugs don't seem to be getting the message that there's food to be had. Go figure. Everything is growing pretty well, though I have lost a couple of zucchini plants to the squash vine borer. I decided just to pull them out when I noticed they were affected, since I don't need more vine borers hatching from my garden next Spring... The remaining two zucchini plants are doing really well, and I should be getting some zucchini not too long after the yellow crookneck. Can't wait! Cucumbers are growing nicely, too, and I've noticed the first couple of little male flowers opening up. Hopefully the females should start coming up in another week or so, and then we'll have cucumbers soon! The peppers and tomatoes both are putting out flowers, as well, though I haven't noticed much in the way of fruit yet. Maybe I'll have to help those along, too, I don't know. Will have to bring more q-tips along for tomorrow's morning rounds. :p

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Kelley said...

Well, you've gotta do what you've gotta do.

I'm getting hungry just looking at yoru pictures.