Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden at the end of July

Well, here it is, for all you fans of gardening! After we got back from Germany, I didn't waste any time in getting my summer garden going. Sure, I am at the late end of it, but according to some nifty planting schedule I found for this area, I should hopefully be able to still grow some veggies. Or rather, fruit. Since, you know, many of the things we call veggies are actually fruit. Who knew? :p I got three different types of tomatoes, three different bell peppers (green, yellow, orange), and put in seeds for zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, and cucumbers. The seeds sprouted amazingly fast (less than a week!), and the plants are growing nicely.

The whole garden, cucumber trellises on the right will be changed (the really green stuff in the middle are marigolds without flowers....).

One of the peppers is already growing!

One of two yellow crooknecks, getting big already!

One of four zucchini plants, supposedly these are a "spacesaver" variety.

One of four cucumber plants. I need to space a couple of them some more, and make a nice trellis for them to grow up on.

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Shannon said...

Looks great. Hope they grow fast!