Thursday, January 29, 2009

She's walking!

Elly finally got up the courage to let go this evening. She started with three or four tentative steps, and within an hour, she walked all the way across the boys' room (about 6'). She was so excited, too! At one point, she stopped, just stood there, and started clapping. So cute. :o) Of course, when it was time for bed shortly after this great accomplishment, she had a mild case of restless leg syndrome, haha! She kept trying to stand up in bed while she was nursing. That didn't work too well. But who can blame her? Growing up is so exciting!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Garden Bliss!

I finally found some time today to go tend to my (somewhat neglected) garden. It was so much fun! Maybe because I was out there all by myself, without kids, just me in my own little garden world. Before I knew it, and hour and a half had gone by, and was it ever a good time. I got all the weeding done, transplanted some kale plants, sowed some kohlrabi and cilantro, and harvested some carrots. Actually, I pulled carrots to thin them out some more, but most of the ones I pulled were already big enough to eat. Yum! We've also been able to pick some sugar snap peas already. We just go out to the garden for a little snack now, haha! The garden really is doing well, I couldn't be more pleased with it. The kale is getting to be quite big, and I'm hoping the plants all survived the transplanting. They were all way too close together, so I had to take some and move them. Hopefully I didn't kill them! The spinach is still growing nicely, as are the carrots. We've also been enjoying the green onions and parsley. It's so nice to be able to just go outside and get what we need to spice up a meal. :o) The sugar snap peas are getting really tall, they're probably close to 6' now. I had to extend the trellis. Interestingly, the foliage is really kind of sparse. They also have some issues with leaves turning yellow. Maybe they just need more fertilizer, I don't know. There are lots of blossoms, though, and the pods grow quite quickly. They taste really sweet. The lettuce is insane, that's the only way I know how to describe it. If you ever decide to put arugula in your garden, be prepared for it to take over! That stuff grows like a weed, haha! I also put in a few more rows of carrots and another row of green onions a couple of weeks ago, and everything is starting to come up. I had some potatoes that were beginning to sprout in my fridge, and I planted those a couple of weeks ago, as well. So far nothing, though, not sure that they'll actually grow. If nothing else, they'll fertilize the ground, right? :p Anyway, here it is, all nice and cleaned up. :o)

Here are the carrots I pulled today. You'll notice some of them are purple. They are Purple Haze, and they are incredibly sweet. Delicious!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm sure most of you have heard of this already. For those of you who haven't, please go and read this article, which was published in Forbes magazine. This law was NOT thought through, and the impact it could have on small businesses, and even YOU, could be huge. Love cool wooden toys? They soon may not be available anymore. Like to support work-at-home moms who sell cute handcrafted accessories for kids? They may be forced to shut down their websites soon. Love etsy? You may not find much there anymore after Feb. 10th, at least not much for kids. Got a lot of baby clothes and toys you don't need anymore? You better hurry and give them away before Feb. 10th. And that barely touches the surface. Go read the article for the impact this law would have. Then go and sign the petition to help stop it. Contact Consumer Protection Committee members. While legislation is certainly needed to help make toys safer for our kids, this one goes too far. By a long shot.

So Marie... come I haven't ever gotten an invite to your blog? Send me one, pretty please! :o) doreen1999 at yahoo dot com

Women and their wardrobe - a stereotype?

Or else I'm not doing a very good job at representing my sex here, at least as far as wardrobes are concerned. When I went into our closet today, I couldn't help but notice all of Dave's pants lined up neatly in a row. All 17 pairs, not counting what he's wearing, and what's still in the laundry somewhere. So then I went on to count his long sleeve shirts. I counted 12, plus at least as many sweaters. On to the short sleeve shirts. There were close to 20. Then I turned to my side of the closet. And I wanted to cry. My wardrobe isn't even half the size of his. Not even a third! I'm not kidding you. What a sorry excuse of a woman am I??? I need help! :p

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Signing time!

I tried some sign language with Kaylee when she was little, but never was very consistent with it. Interestingly, she picked up airplane after only seeing it a couple of times, but never used eat or drink or whatever would have actually been useful, even after me using it for a long time. I gave up on it when she started talking. :p Now, I've been wanting to try it with Elly, to see if we could be more successful with her. I've been using the sleep sign with her for a long time now, I make the sign on my face, then on her's, and I say "schlafen gehen" (go to sleep). Tonight, Elly was especially cranky (teeth are coming in, at last!). She was tired and crying, and clinging to her dad. I wanted to take her so I could put her in bed, but she didn't want to come to me. So I made the sleep sign and said "schlafen gehen". She stopped crying, and I signed again, on my face and on her's. Then she leaned towards me, and let me take her to bed! What a smart baby. :o) Now I'm extra glad I decided to order a couple of the Signing Time DVDs (off ebay), we should all have a fun time learning!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I'm supposed to actually write something! That's what this whole blog thing is all about! You'd think after more than 3 years, I'd have figured that out. :p Actually, life has just been crazy busy. My parents were in town visiting, and we all had so much fun I never got to get on the computer much. Technically, I shouldn't be on right now, either. Got dishes to do. Isn't my life exciting? I did want to share this great picture of the fruits of my labor, though. Or rather, the vegetable. Or whatever spinach is. Leafy green? Anyway, I harvested 4 pounds of it last week. And that wasn't even half of what's in my garden! I love spinach, and since my parents were in town, and they love it, I figured I'd cook some and call it a meal. This is what I grew up with. It may not look very appetizing to some of you, but trust me, it's good! Spinach cooked with some onion, then pureed. Add some salt and pepper, and some cream, and tadah, you have yourself a meal. Well, with some mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs, you know, can't JUST eat spinach. It was yummy! :o)

Friday, January 09, 2009

Totally Random

I should post. I should blog. Instead, I'm sitting here whining because my face is hurting. Well, half my face. Sinus infection, anyone? I hope I'm going to feel better tomorrow. I have lots of thoughts rambling through my head, but my brain isn't really functioning. Today was all about survival, really. Elly has a head cold, too, so she's been extra fussy. I hit a real low point today, where Elly was whining, and Kaylee wasn't exactly happy, either, because she was tired. And I was feeling, well, crappy. Pardon my French. :p In order not to have a complete breakdown, I decided to get out of the house. Killed three birds with one stone. I put Elly in the sling, so she got some cuddle-with-mommy-time. I put Kaylee in the stroller, where she promptly fell asleep. And I went for a walk. The weather was beautiful, I got some exercise, and we all got a nice dose of Vitamin D, you know, to help our frail immune systems. Most importantly, it helped save my sanity. At least for a little while. Now the kids are all in bed, and I'm nursing my poor aching body with some good herbal tea and other potions and pills that should help clear my stuffed up head. I'll leave you with that. Good night.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Lettuce, anyone?

Or how about spinach? Wow, I can't believe how much the garden has grown in just one week! When I went out to look at it yesterday, I almost couldn't believe it was my garden. I don't know what happened, but everything seems to have doubled in size since we left for AZ Christmas Day. A week ago, the sugar snap peas didn't even have any flowers. Today, I spotted two pods! The parsley seemed to finally start growing, and now it's huge (not full grown by any means, but seriously twice as big as last week). The green onions are about ready to harvest, when I was still thinning out some to use in a salad a week ago. I'm in awe! Yay for gardening. :o)

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2009. The last year sure was a busy and exciting one for us, and brought a lot of changes to our family. We'll see what 2009 has in store for us. I keep hoping for life to slow down a bit, and for this next year to be a bit less exciting than the last year was, but I'm not holding my breath. Hope this next year is good to all of you! :o)