Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're still alive!

Barely. :p What a crazy week this has been so far! Time flies when you're having fun. :p Monday, we all left to drive up to Williams, AZ. We spent the night at the Grand Canyon Railway hotel, and then rode the train up to the Grand Canyon on Tuesday. That was... Crazy! And exhausting. And fun. The train ride is a little over 2 hours, and by the end Elly had about had it. She was done. She let everyone else know, too. Once we got off the train, Bryan needed to go potty. Grandpa was nice enough to take him. He made it all the way to the bathroom, but not quite on the toilet. So, there we were, at the Grand Canyon, and Bryan peed his pants. Poor kid. Grandma and Grandpa got on their way to find a store somewhere to get some new pants for Bryan, while we took the kids to catch a glimpse of the Canyon, and then play in the snow. There was lots of snow, but fortunately it was warm enough that day that Bryan didn't seem too bothered by his wet pants. We somehow managed to play for a couple of hours, and eventually Grandma and Grandpa found us again, and Bryan got some dry pants. At this point, kids were starting to get tired and grumpy, but we still had some time to kill. So what do we do when the going gets tough? Well, the tough get ice cream, of course! No kidding! We found a nice sunny spot to sit down, and the kids all enjoyed an ice cream cone. The time eventually came for us to get back on the train, and the ride back to the hotel was just as exciting as the ride up. I will spare you details of on-board entertainment. Let's just say cowboys are not my thing, and the passenger something-or-other assistant really needs to chill out... She literally kicked Dave off the train at the end, instead of realizing that maybe he could have used some help. Since, you know, he had an array of bags, one kid without shoes that had to be carried, another kid having a melt-down because she couldn't be carried... Not nice. Overall, a really fun day, but quite exhausting. The hotel was awesome, with some great food and an indoor pool. How much better can life get? :o) Well, we're all back at our other hotel now, and will be for a couple more days. More fun to follow! That's all for now, gotta go, baby needs some nursies. TTYL, my blogging friends. And my one-and-only blog fan, Emily, who was excited to meet me today. It was fun talking to you! :o)

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3in3mom said...

Sounds like an adventure! Glad you survived. I would have sat down and cried HARD.

Luv ya, C