Friday, December 26, 2008

The fun begins!

After an awesome Christmas morning at home, we hit the road (and skies) yesterday afternoon. We made it to Phoenix and our hotel fairly late, but everyone was nice enough to sleep in this morning. Seeing as we're cool like that, we got right down to business and had my awesome friend Chalice come to our hotel room to take pictures of the kids. We were going to do them outside, but as luck would have it, it was rather cold and windy. So Chalice brought all of her equipment to our room and set up shop there. The kids actually cooperated really well, which was amazing. It's not always easy when there's four to go around... Even Elly hammed it up for the camera! You can see some of the pictures on her blog, Photography by Chalice Leaman. Our's are the "w kids", in case you haven't seen enough here. ;o) Go check them out, they're really cute! :o)

Now off for some family fun time!


3in3mom said...

glad you like em--it was sooo fun to see you, even for a few minutes.

Enjoy your time here, luv ya, C

Kelley said...

Cute pics. Your kids are really adorable. :)