Sunday, December 07, 2008


Okay, so I admit I've made fun of the fact that 99.9% of houses here have a fireplace. I mean, come on, it's Texas. Well, today I repent. I'm sorry I ever made fun of the local obsession with fireplaces. I'm sorry I suspected a ploy by the realtors to drive up home prices. Because you know what, having a fireplace is awesome! We turned ours on for the first time today. The whole family gathered in the living room, and by the light of the Christmas decorations and the fireplace, we sat and had a wonderful time together, celebrating Advent, and the Christmas season. I love this time of year, and I love that I now have a fireplace. Sure, it may limit the possibilites for living room decorating and arranging of furniture, but it sure is nice and cozy when it's a frosty 50 degrees outside. :p


denedu said...

A fireplace is wonderful to have in the winter time. Watching it's glow can be so mesmerizing. David's mom has one at her house, and when we'd be there on frosty nights she'd always pull out one of her store bought logs that change colors and light it up. We'd all snuggle up under blankets and just watch it glow and listen to the crackling. I guess the only down fall to having one is making sure it's cleaned every year. I'm sure in a city where there are so many fireplaces they probably have an abundance of chimney sweeps. :) Enjoy the toasty season. :)

Shannon said...

We've had fireplaces in most of our homes, but NEVER used them. THis house has 2. These are gas, which makes it much easier and cleaner. I have to agree with you. We use ours ALL the time- it's been a bit cooler than 50!- and I love having them. Enjoy!

Kelley said...

AND you have a way for Santa Claus to get into your house. My kids are very concerned about that since we're in an apartment with no fireplace. We keep reassuring them, though. :)