Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who said there wouldn't be turkey?

We made it to San Antonio around 5 p.m. (yeah, so we left a little later than originally planned...). When we walked into the hotel, I remembered that they also serve dinner on Mondays-Thursdays. Since today is Thanksgiving, they had... You guessed it... Turkey! It wasn't the best Thanksgiving meal ever, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it wasn't too bad, either. It was buffet style, so there was salad, stuffing, turkey, potatoes, yams, bread, jello salad (that's right, jello salad!), and various kinds of drinks. Oh, and cookies. Ooooh, cookies! They were delicious. Oatmeal chocolate chip, fresh out of the oven! Yep, I love this place. Seriously. $100 a night, for a 1 bedroom suite (which sleeps our entire family, quite comfortably, did I mention that already?), includes a hot buffet style dinner, and hot buffet style breakfast. Not too shabby, huh? I like it. :o)

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