Saturday, November 01, 2008


Are Saturdays crazy for anyone else? It seems to be the day to get caught up on everything that didn't get done throughout the week around here. Like, wash the car, shop, clean the house... Saturdays are never just fun. We never seem to be able to go out and do cool things, like other people do. Maybe it's because we reserve Sundays for doing nothing but church related things. I don't know. Either way, today was a typical Saturday, with lots to do. I did laundry, Dave cleaned the car, went to home depot, we went to the garden center to pick up some fertilizer for the lawn, went out for dinner (fast food, see, we don't even have time for a restaurant...), and then went grocery shopping. Okay, so the grocery shopping part is somewhat my fault, since I didn't do it earlier in the week like I hoped to. But still... To top it off, Kaylee got her fingers smashed in the car door. Fortunately, they didn't break. They don't even look too beat up. Regardless, she cried for a while, I'm sure it hurt pretty bad. Well, I know it hurt pretty bad, because I just got my pinky smashed in the car a couple or weeks ago... Anyway, our day in a nutshell. Maybe we're still just getting used to being homeowners, and to always having something going on. Fun times!


Erica said...

Yeah, Saturdays at my house are soooo insane, it is unbelievable too. Oh, well, on Sunday we just laxe around the house so maybee Saturday is worth wo days of hurrying and being busy, so we don't have to do it on Sunday. (Wow, now I feel SOOO deep.)
On another note, how did you customize your blog? I want to customize mine, but I don't know what/how to do to do it. If you could tell me I wuold be forever gratefull, and shower you with online cookies.

Mimi said...

I really don't like Saturdays. There is no schedule and everything is unpredictable.
Evey insists on closing her own door. I am so afraid she'll do it, too. Poor fingers.