Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Organic lawn care

So, I'm very much committed to keeping my garden as organic as I possibly can. So far, that hasn't been too difficult. Things are growing quite nicely in my compost enriched soil, with just a bit of organic fertilizer. No major problems with pests so far, either (knock on wood). When it comes to lawn care, however, I have absolutely no experience. And our lawn has lots of problems with weeds, fungus, and whatever. Seeing as I have absolutely no clue, I've relied on the standby solutions my neighbor friend has offered. In the long run, though, I have a goal to get the lawn green without chemicals. I spent the day today reading up on eco friendly lawn care online, and I'm going to have quite the job getting all of our grass good and healthy. I started out getting environmentally friendly fertilizer, instead of the chemical winterizer. We'll see how well it works. The way the grass looks right now, there's not much damage to be done, really. I'm also going to need to get compost to spread on the grass (a thin layer), to get good microbes back into the soil - which will actually help break down the chemicals that have built up, and should also help aerate the clay soil. I hope that if I manage to get the soil healthy, it'll take care of the fungus that's ravaging the grass right now. I also learned that over-watering is a major problem, and most people water their lawn way too often. Who knew? Hey, at least we grass-cycle (we don't bag grass clippings), so we're headed in the right direction. :o)


Shannon said...

Let me know how it goes. We haven't done much to our lawn, except mow, since we moved in. I think it's driving our neighbor crazy. I know he's secretly watered and fertilized our lawn on more than one occasion. He used to take care of the lawn before we bought the house, so he does have a vested interest. Doesn't bother me all that much, but it would be nice to reduce his stress a little bit!

Sabrina said...

Really interested in your findings. We try not to do fertilizer, etc. but we have *gasp* dead grass that the homeowners' assoc. is breathing down our necks about, so I guess we have to do something!