Thursday, November 20, 2008

November is Prematurity Awareness Month

As you all know, birth is something I feel quite passionate about. A healthy birth is the end result of a healthy pregnancy. All too often, though, even a healthy pregnancy can end too soon, resulting in a premature baby. The March of Dimes is doing great work in the area of prematurity research and prevention, and I've been donating to them for a long time. Now, I'm not expecting you to do the same, but something you can do is sign the Prematurity Awareness Petition. Each year, the March of Dimes grades all states, comparing their rate of premature birth to the nation's objective of 7.6% or less. This year, the nation overall got a D. Of all the states, the majority received Ds or Fs. Only one state received a B. Obviously, there is much to be done to reduce the rate of premature births. Go look at the website, and take time to read what the petition is all about. Then sign it. :o)

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