Thursday, November 27, 2008

No cooking for Turkey Day

We're leaving for San Antonio today! In just a couple of hours, hopefully. Still gotta pack... We're going out today and are going to spend the night at a hotel that has become one of our favorite chains since moving this summer (Homewood Suites by Hilton, if you must know, they have one bedroom suites so all of us can stay in one place, instead of having to pay for two rooms, as is necessary now with the number of kids we have. They also have the bestest ever breakfast included. Scrambled eggs, bacon, the works. Yum.) We should get there sometime in the afternoon, and are planning on going out for dinner. Probably a buffet type place, I'm hoping we'll find a Gloden Corral. Loved going there when we still lived in Logan, but there isn't one close to us down here. Yeah, I'm a gourmet like that. :p Now, you may wonder why we're going to San Antonio today. To go to Sea World tomorrow, of course! We figured if we left today, we wouldn't have to get up super early tomorrow morning. It's going to be a long day as it is, and we're planning on driving back home tomorrow evening after dinner, so it'll be a late night. We're all very excited to go. Dave's adviser from MIT (and later USU) is down here with his family this week, and after working with him for 6 years, we've become pretty good friends with his family. We really wanted to meet up with them while they were in Houston, but things just got too busy. They had planned a trip to Sea World for Friday, so we decided to join them. Should be fun! :o)


Keith and Nicci said...

We're all about eating out this year for Thanksgiving as well - we're that gourmet too:) Have a blast!

Melissa said...

Oh, we LOVE Homewood Suites! When Gus was TDY for 3 months last fall in Massachusetts, we spent the first month there with him sightseeing. The military had put him in a Homewood Suites. So nice to wake up and just go downstairs for a hot breakfast and then have it ready at night, too! Nice room with a nice kitchen....and loved the nice mattresses and down comforters on the bed!