Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Love it!

  • Rooibos tea - best tea I ever tasted! My new friend (neighbor) is from South Africa, and she introduced me to this. I'm hooked!
  • The rain stopped this morning just in time for my morning walk. Yay for exercise!
  • There were puddles for the girls to play in. Great fun!
  • Speaking of exercise, my new stroller. Did I already mention I love it?
  • The way the boys snuggle up together so Tyler can read stories to Bryan before they go to sleep at night. So cute.
  • Kaylee when she entertains Elly. And the way Elly loves it when Kaylee plays with her.


Shannon said...

I know I'm from AZ and all, but it seems so strange that there are people still wearing shorts- besides Joseph, but he's been known to wear shorts under his snow pants to build a snowman!

Amy said...

Callan reads to Connor in bed at night before bed too and I think it is so sweet!