Friday, November 21, 2008

Let the scrapbooking begin!

I finally managed to unpack my scrapbooking stuff. The movers had just thrown everything into a box (well, a couple of boxes), and it always seemed like such a daunting task. This morning, I decided to tackle it. Lucky for me, my friend Karin called me shortly after I started, so we chatted along as I unpacked my boxes. It made the time go much faster, and I think it kept me from getting overwhelmed and just stopping. You see, I get overwhelmed easily. If I look at something and think it's going to take me a long time to do, I just sit there and stare, unable to move a finger. Then I move on to something else, because I just don't think I can handle whatever it is. So, having a friend to talk to while organizing was tremendously helpful. Thanks for calling me today, Karin! :o)


Kelley said...

As much as I loved having the movers move us, I don't want to do it again. Everything is far too disorganized and it takes far too long to find things afterwards. When we packed to move this last time (3 years after we moved out here), I was STILL unpacking boxes the movers had packed. I found one box with some dirty laundry in it! I just tossed the whole thing. No, I far prefer packing for myself since I know how things went in, and how they'll come out.

Good job on the unpacking. Do you have much left? I love your scrapbooking area. It looks very user-friendly, especially with that big table. I had that at the old house, but not here.

Doreen said...

Kelley, that was pretty much the last thing still in boxes. I'm so glad it's finally done! This is the first time I have a real space for scrapbooking, I'm so excited. I used to have to lug my stuff to the kitchen table, it was always such a hassle to scrapbook, so I didn't do it much. Now I'm ready to go!

Shannon said...

I've got the stuff unpacked, but am still looking for the time to use it. Must not be a high enough priority right now. Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Jeannie said...

We moved nearly 6 years ago and I still have things to unpack! (we moved in 11 days before the girls were born...)

I dream of having a fun sewing space! I love your craft space. I don't scrapbook, but I love all the!