Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jogging progress report

Remember this post about 4 weeks ago? Well, I thought I'd give a little update on how my exercise routine is coming along. I've been really good about going for my morning walks. I've even started adding Saturday mornings for jogging practice. As you may recall, my friend's dog is too old for jogging, so whenever I go with her (which is most days), I just walk. The days she doesn't come (Thursdays and Saturdays), I add some jogging intervals to my walk. I'm amazed at how quickly I'm progressing! If you look back at my initial post, there is a jogging trail that's about a quarter of a mile long, and the first time I attempted jogging it, I got about a third of the way through. My initial goal was to run the entire trail. I did it last week! Today, I went jogging again, since my friend couldn't come this morning. Not only did I do the whole trail, I kept on going! After mapping it out, I figured that I ran almost a third of a mile. Adding my other two jogging intervals, my total jogging time adds up to almost two thirds of a mile. That's almost half of my route! Yay for me! So, my next goal is to jog half of my route, which is about 3/4 of a mile. Now, I realize that this may not sound like much to those of you out there who are runners, and do a 3 mile run just for fun. :p But hey, it's a start! I'm even playing around with the idea of signing up for a 5K fun run type of thing. Anyone in the area know where I can find out about upcoming runs? Say, in the springtime, before it starts getting too hot outside? I don't think I'll want to do a serious race, but a fun run type thing would be, well, fun. :o)


Sabrina said...

WAY TO GO on the running!! So proud of you!!! And you're doing it right to prevent injury--great job! http://ontheruntx.com/ is the local running shoe store and their calendar usually has a lot of events. There are tons of things! You can also search at www.runnertriathletenews.com Yay!

Kelley said...

That's awesome! Great job.

By the way, go check out my blog. I think you'll like what's on there.

Williams family said...

You are so awesome! Sticking with a routine and keeping up is the part that matters. I love getting back into running after having a baby, but it is the energy to get up that really gets me. I am a fan of running buddies, it makes the run more fun and easier to keep it up when you do it together. I love reading your blog. What an amazing woman you are... lists of book drives, neighbors over for dinner, moving to Texas, raising 4 beautiful children, and always having a smile on your face. :) Keep it up.

kanaboke said...

Yay, Yay, Yaaaaay for you Doreen! I need to start setting some running goals....I can barely make it a 1/4 mile..okay maybe a little more, but seriously, you inspire me!