Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's babywearing week!

I love slings. I think they're the best thing ever, and every mom should have one. Babywearing has lots of benefits. I love it for the convenience and bonding. Here are some pictures of me wearing Kaylee when she was younger. I should get some of Elly, too!

the ring sling, which I love for little babies

the mei tai, which is awesome for older babies and toddlers


Mimi said...

I swear by the Mei Tais now and HotSling for tiny babies

Sabrina said...

I definitely need to look into the mei tai as my ring sling just doesn't do the trick any more. Although for most outings I just use the umbrella stroller. Still, I miss wearing my munchkin like when he was tiny! Happy babywearing week!