Friday, November 14, 2008

Formula feeding

Random Poll Friday! Last week, I was curious about motivation to breastfeed. This week, I want to know your reasons for formula feeding. Go vote, and if you feel so inclined, feel free to leave a comment and tell me about our experience! :o)


Ashley said...

AFter the complications with Ainsley, I was physically unable to because of all the blood loss.

And true to statistics my formula fed baby was and is asthmatic and sickly, blah. Thankfully she's growing out of it :)

Doreen said...

You know, Tyler is the only one of my kids who got formula (partly from 4 months on, fully after 6 months), and he's the one who's the most prone to respiratory infections, and just recently got diagnosed with allergy induced asthma. Go figure. Of course, he's also the oldest, so he's had more time to develop stuff, so to speak. We'll see how the other kids do as they get older. But Bryan has a much stronger immune system than Tyler, despite not eating his fruits and veggies (which Tyler does). My kids definitely reflect the research findings. :p

Char said...

All of my kids have had supplementary formula from birth (jaundice, low blood sugar). My body can't seem to make enough milk to feed a 9.5-10lb baby straight out of the chute. I gave up nursing Macy completely around 5 months and she's BY FAR my most sickly kid.

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Scooter was all formula from two months on. I had no support and no idea what I was doing. Animal and Gonzo had supplementary formula in the hospital when they were fighting jaundice. Sweetums has had zero formula, despite also having jaundice, which we treated with sunshine and on-demand nursing.

Scooter had horrific allergies (including the dreaded peanut allergy) until we left Houston when he was two-and-a-half. My pediatrician begged me to breastfeed future children (as if I weren't already feeling guilty, thanks buddy!). Since then he's been fine. No asthma, normal hay fever, which the oldest three all have.

They're all pretty healthy, honestly. Except for those very early years, I haven't noticed a difference in their overall health. And thankfully, Scooter outgrew all of his problems.

My biggest regret/issue about not being able to successfully breastfeed Scooter is I feel there was a lack of real bonding. Anyone could take care of him, and since I had PPD, other people often were doing it for me. I regret that, and try to remember it as I endlessly nurse Sweetums, who takes neither pacifier nor thumb nor bottle of expressed breast milk.

Dawn said...

I formula fed Zachary after just a few weeks nursing. I was in AGONY, and everyone told me that nursing was "supposed to hurt" a bit. They didn't know that I was crying every time I nursed. I'm sure now that he just had a bad latch. I really regret it--I know it's a choice people make, but I really wanted to succeed. I almost didn't nurse Ben (and therefore, I'm sure, the rest) because of my bad experience. But I had much better support, so even with a bad latch and engorgement, we fought through it and succeeded!

The Insane Asylum said...

I breastfed my first the whole time without ever giving her formula, but when the next one was born she was allergic to my milk. It didn't matter what I ate she was sick with blisters on her bum, screaming colic, etc. It was miserable. When we gave her soy formula she was a very happy baby and so were we, finally. She ended up having milk allergies and other allergies for 3-4 years. The next one I was hospitalized 3 times in 6 weeks with meds that went into breast milk so even though I pumped I ended up having to stop. Sad Day.
If I could go back I would fight harder to keep breastfeeding. The first one is far healthier than the other two. hmm.

kyleandbeth said...

Kaci breastfed the longest. She is by far our sickest child. Actually Marcus, the bottle fed one is our healthiest. He did have ear infections quite a bit until he was 5 but so did Conner who was breast fed. Conner even had 2 perferated ear drums with his ear infections. So, I guess we don't fit the mold. Someone needs to inform Kaci she is supposed to be the healthy one, maybe she doesn't know.

Leia said...

#1 only had a bit of formula to help with jaundice (which I now know I should have pumped and given her extra bottles that way....)

#2 was nursed for 4 months, until we caught a weak suckle, far too late. I started pumping then, and we used formula for whatever else she needed. After my milk supply increased, she was basically 1/2 formula, 1/2 bm. My supply was nearly ruined because of the weak suckle. I'm not sure I'll ever get over that. Very dark period of time for me. I pumped until she was 13 months, we did formula for another month after that.

#1 has super-immune powers I think. Only been to the doctor once because she was sick. #2 gets sick pretty often, and stays sick way longer. I hate that. Also has an awful time when colds go to her chest. At least she is a good eater now, AND she is far and above being underweight!! ;)

3in3mom said...

Ethan was adopted and though he got some breast milk bottles was never able to nurse. I wish I had been able to though.

Alicia said...

We tried for a month with my first and he wasn't gaining any weight and was even below his birth weight. I tried a dairy free diet. He would stay lached on for an hour, seriously. Then I would pump and then he would be back awake and want to eat again. My body just wouldn't produce hardly any milk. We tried a soy formula for one weekend and in 4 days he gained 1 1/2 pounds. So we went to formula and he was a much happier baby. He has seasonal allergies, but so do I.
With my second I said I would give it 2 weeks to see if BF would work. At 12 days we went to the lactation consultant and she said to stop BF because I not only had cracked and bleeding nipples, but also a skin infection that I had to take medicine for. And again I was barely making any milk. We did soy formula with the 2nd also.
But I made sure that both were swaddled and held close and interacted with when they were fed. I didn't give up that bonding time!
I was strictly BF and I have WAY more medical problems then either of my formula fed babies!!!!!