Monday, November 03, 2008

Exciting day today

Whew, I feel so accomplished. I went out and bought a bunch of pansies today, and beautified our front yard. I put a bunch of humus and topsoil around the tree (200 pounds, if you must know), planted the two aloe plants my neighbor friend gave me, and then planted 24 pansies. It looks really nice. I also got two little kale plants (a blue kale and a white kale) and planted those in my garden bed. Yum! I actually got my spinach seeds in the mail today, too, so I'm going to go out and put those in the garden in a little bit. I'm also proud to report that three of the five sugar snap peas I put in are growing nicely. I put in two more seeds where the other ones didn't come up. My two zucchini plants are peaking out, as well, as are the carrots. Woohoo! I'm going to have to take a picture, maybe tomorrow. :o)

To make the day even more exciting, a new nephew is on his way out to meet the world as I type! After being a few days past her due date, my sister-in-law went in this morning to have a foley catheter placed in her cervix. She went home, and started contracting before too long. The catheter eventually fell out, and the contractions kept on coming. Last I heard, she had just checked into the hospital and was 5 cm/80% effaced. Shouldn't be too much longer! :o)

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