Friday, November 07, 2008

Breastfeeding - what motivates you?

Random Poll Friday! Seeing as I've been nursing babies for pretty much all of the last 5.5 years, it's obviously on my mind a lot. When I had Tyler almost 8.5 years ago, breastfeeding was something I just did without thinking about it too much. I saw my sister-in-law nursing her babies, and it was just the natural thing to do. By the time Tyler was 6 months old, I switched to formula, since I was going back to school full time and didn't know much about pumping and such. By the time Bryan came along, I had read more about breastfeeding, and I knew I wanted to nurse him until he was a year old. He ended up self-weaning at 20 months. Kaylee came along just 4 months later, and she nursed until she was 30 months old (I know I know, not all of you think that's a good thing, I think it's great :p). Elly was born 6 months after Kaylee weaned, and we're still going strong. My motivation to breastfeed my babies, over the years, has gone from something that just came naturally to being something that I'm very committed to. Learning about the health benefits for babies is part of it, as well as learning how beneficial it is to mom's health. So, if you breastfeed/breastfed your babies, what is/was your motivation? You can choose multiple answers. Feel free to comment if you like!


Jeannie said...

It just seemed like the obvious thing to do. When I was pregnant with the girls, I was glad that it would be possible to nurse twins. (the money saving factor played a big part, but the health benefits did too)

The girls nursed til 33 months, I had to wean them, because Nate was born 24 days later. I couldn't imagine how I would nurse 3 at once, and it seemed more important that he get the benefits of nursing at that point.

He is still an avid nurser, and not really liking the idea of stopping at all. We are working toward being done for Christmas eve (when Santa comes) and he will be 35 months at that point. Although, I half expect him to not want Santa to come, so he doesn't need to wean!

I waver, between really being ready to stop nursing (it has been since 2003) and still wanting to hang on to those precious moments of nursing......

Sabrina said...

Breastfeeding was just the natural, logical choice! And I'm not ready at all for it to be over at 16+ mos!!! (Nor is Zane!!!)