Sunday, October 26, 2008

What a week!

Well, let's just say I'm ready for another trip to Germany, haha! We had a crazy busy week, but then that's quickly becoming the norm around here. I can't keep up anymore. I think it was a couple of days ago that I started feeling like the baby fog was beginning to lift, but it's not. I still don't seem to be able to think straight most days, and I often think I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off... It doesn't help that Dave is gone a lot, too. Saturdays are supposed to be our catch-up-with-housework days, and we like to spend time as a family, too. Well, yesterday Dave spent the day driving around a u-haul truck, picking up furniture at people's houses that they donated for families down in Galveston. He got most places, and then drove down to Galveston to drop the stuff off. He had one other guy to help him, and it took them all day. Actually, until 4 p.m., when they had to drop off the u-haul truck. I thought I'd at least get the evening, but one of the people who wanted to donate somehow didn't make it on the list, so Dave ended up going over there to help the guy load up his donations on his trailer, which he then drove to our house, where they unloaded the things into our garage. That's right, now we have stuff sitting in our garage. And I have a very strong feeling there's going to be another run with the u-haul truck in our near future, since there were a couple of other houses they didn't get to yesterday. Fun times.

I did manage to get some stuff done around the house, and even got some gardening in yesterday. The kids helped me put in seeds for parsely, chives, and carrots. I should be getting some seeds for some other things in the mail this week, and then we'll pull out the watermelon plants and get more stuff planted. Yay!


kanaboke said...

Wow! Good ol' Dave, ever the helpful neighbor and doing good for those in need! Way to go Dude! I hope you get some Fam Time in next weekend girlie..chickens without heads are a pretty crazy sight! hehehe :-)

Science Teacher Mommy said...

It is funny how everyone moves on from disaster so quickly except for those right in the middle of it. Hang in there, girl. I 'm sure the folks Dave helped are so appreciative.