Saturday, October 25, 2008

Random Poll Friday - Flu shots

Okay, so it's Saturday. Evening. Life is busy... I'm sure next Friday will be here in the blink of an eye. Does that count? :p

Topic for this poll is flu shots. Do you get them? Your kids? Do you think they're helpful? Useless? Harmful? (that one was Dave's suggestion, hehe)


Shannon said...

None of us have ever had one. I take that back, Greg just said he had one once at Mass General. But, we've never had any problems and I don't plan to get one this year. It seems like everyone I talk to gets so sick after getting one. We (the adults in the family!)try to be good about washing hand, eating right and sometimes getting enough sleep! Here's to your healthy winter. May the flu bugs (and all others) pass you by!

Lanny said...

You'd never know it from my last comment, but we actually do flu shots. I've got asthma and a history of cancer, so I'm in a high risk group. DH gets it because he's in the medical field, and he takes it in an attempt to not bring it home (he's pcp, so he sees a lot of it). Linus got one this year because of Lolly. Lolly had breathing issues at birth, and gave us a bit of a scare. They recommended the flu shot for us since she's too young for one.

chicagosapps said...

I've never gotten a flu shot, nor have I had the kids get one. We all DID get the flu last year, however. And it was pretty sad. My sister got a shot, and she still got our flu, but it definitely was a milder case (though the mildness might be because she just stayed in bed as soon as she started to feel sick and stayed there for 3 days straight; Mommies can't do that, and kids just won't). John didn't get a shot, and didn't get the flu from any of us. So who knows? I'm sure the kids brought it home from school. Since then, I have them wash their hands as soon as they walk in the door. I don't plan on the shots, but John wants us all to get them. I kind of think they are useless, since they rarely cover the strains out there. But if you are in a high risk group, I'm sure it's a good idea. "They" say that the strains they use are the more severe and dangerous ones, so it would be good to be protected from them!

Jeannie said...

I have the kids get them. And I got one the year I was pregnant with Nate. ( I should probably get one this year, with the kids in school)

Luckily, we haven't ever been sick from the flu shot. I am hopeful that by getting the shot it will def. cut the risk of a bad case of flu.