Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New life!

The sugar snap peas are starting to sprout. I'm so excited! I think the chives are ready to pop out, too, I think I spotted a lonely sprout. Though it may just be grass, I didn't go close enough to make sure. :p


Sabrina said...

So impressive! Hope the winter garden does well!!!

Cluff Bunch said...

I love seeing the little sprouts come out. There is something magical in planting and nurturing something that doesn't talk back;). Our radishes, carrots, and lettuce are all sprouting this week and we're hopeful they'll continue growing! Don't you love the multiple growing seasons here?!

Doreen said...

Erin, I think we're getting to that time of year where I love living here! This winter, I'll be harvesting yummy things from the garden instead of digging the van out of the snow. My neighbor tells me January and February can be kind of cold and miserable, but I bet not nearly as bad as 15 degrees and piles of snow everywhere. :p