Friday, October 24, 2008

The new doctor

After procrastinating for a long time, I finally took the plunge and picked a family doctor. I guess it helped that Tyler started having problems with asthma; I was forced to choose someone. How sad is that? I'm sure Elly wasn't too upset about the procrastination, as it's spared her from getting shots for a few months. I delay and selectively vaccinate, anyway, but it really was time. So off we went on Wednesday. As expected, Elly is a happy and healthy baby. Not that I was worried. I figure after 4 kids, I would have known had something been seriously wrong. She got one shot in the leg, which she didn't like. But what do you do. The doctor is totally awesome. She's a family practitioner, so I'll be seeing her for myself, too. We had a FP in Logan, and I really liked having one doctor for the whole family. I've also found that FPs tend to be a lot more laid back than pediatricians, and I don't have to fill out charts about developmental milestones. Yeah, they actually talk to you, imagine that! Okay, maybe I just had a bad experience with a pediatrician... Anyway, back to this doctor. She was super nice. Dave had taken Tyler there two weeks ago, and the first thing she said when she walked in the door was "So I'm seeing Tyler's sister today!" Yeah, I liked that. :o) She looked Elly over, talked to me about her, asked questions, wanted to know if I had questions - it was great. I brought up the immunization issue with her. Sometimes doctors give you a hard time if you don't vaccinate on schedule. Not this one. She was totally understanding of my reasons for wanting to delay/selectively vaccinate. In fact, she went over the list with me and explained to me what she thought was and wasn't important. She even has her own delayed/selective vaccination schedule. Awesome. So yeah, other than Elly getting poked, it was a good visit. The office itself is huge. It's a medical group, so there are a few FPs, several pediatricians, and a few other specialists. The waiting room is more like a waiting hall. Pediatrics is on a separate floor (not the one we were on for FP), which I was actually glad about, as we weren't exposed to sneezing coughing germ distributing kids. Not that I'm a germaphobe, but there are certain places I just don't like to go. :p I was a little worried about going to such a huge practice, but overall, I had a good experience. In the end, I think it's all about the doctor you see, not so much how large the practice is. And the nice thing about them having so many different specialists is that we're already patients there, so it should cut down on the paperwork should we ever need one. Anyway, it was a good visit, as far as doctor visits go. I'm going again next month for Kaylee (and another shot for Elly), and then again in December for Elly's 9 month check-up. The doctor and I should get to know each other well. :o)


Cluff Bunch said...

Yeah! I hate finding new doctors and it seems to take us some time to do it. I'm glad you guys have found an FP that you already like, that is so great! I love FP's to. I just don't see what the big deal is about using a pediatrician. I do have a PED now and I have to say that she's great for what she is. Very low key and doesn't push meds and interventions for every little thing she sees. Welcome back, by the way! Glad your trip was so enjoyable and you travelled so well!

Sabrina said...

So glad you have a doc you like! I had another frustrating dealing with my pedi this week. . .but I'm sort of too lazy to change. (We see her so infrequently, anyway. . .) She just doesn't "get" me or my kid. Oh well. . .

Anonymous said...

Where did you go??!? I'm looking for a new dr. I'm so sick of the one the girls have. She was totally pushing me off about Kamryn's ears. So frustrating! I have another in mind, but if you have one that is awesome...please, please share!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I really don't like our new practice, and it is really expensive, even with insurance. I have tried to switch but it is nearly impossible to figure out what anyone is actually charging, and starting over again adds a bunch of fees.

Lanny said...

So I know this is a touchy subject, but any chance you care to expand on your vax schedule and which ones you omit? After Lolly's shots Wednesday, I'm thinking of splitting them up in the future (which my pedi will fully support). :)

Shannon said...

We've always just gotten the kids their shots, but I learned something new about vaccinations this week. We had a new family move into our ward this week. The two youngest kids (17 and 15)are the only ones left at home. They have never vaccinated any of their kids but the highschool was going to charge her $26 each for not getting vaccinations. I don't know why. Out of curiosity, she called Salt Lake to ask about missionary service. She said the church won't require you to have your children vaccinated, but it will severely limit where they will be permitted to serve their missions. I didn't know that. Guess it makes sense. I just hadn't ever really thought about it before. That was the tipping point and the kids got vaccinations Thursday.

Doreen said...

Jeni, we're seeing Dr. Kathi McCree at the Texas Gulf Coast Medical Group in Webster.

Shan, $26 for not vaccinating? That makes absolutely no sense. In fact, you can get exemptions from the state if you don't vaccinate, there's absolutely no reason why they should have been charged money. What exactly is $26 supposed to accomplish? Sometimes I seriously wonder what people are thinking... We don't NOT vaccinate our kids. Just taking it slower after Kaylee had a reaction with her 2 month shots. She should be all caught up by the time she starts K, and so should Elly.

Lanny, here's Elly's vax schedule. We missed 4 months due to moving, and she got the 6 month one at 7 months.

2 months - DTaP
7 months - Hib
7.5 months - IPV (playing catch up because we missed the 4 month appointment)
8 months - DTaP
9 months - Hib and IPV
10 months - DTaP
11 months - Hib and IPV
12 months - MMR (was going to delay this one until at least 24 months, but apparently there has been a measles outbreak down here, so my dr strongly recommended we get this at 12 months)

We're not getting the pneumococcal, as my dr thinks it's only necessary if there's a family history of severe lung disease (and because Elly is breastfed, which greatly reduces the risks associated with pneumococcal infections). We're also delaying Hep A and B until later (closer to school age), and are not getting varicella unless she hasn't had chicken pox by the time she starts K. Obviously didn't get the rotavirus shot, either. This is our tentative schedule until 12 months, and we'll go over the schedule between 1 and 5 years once she's a year old. Let me also say that one big reason why our doctor is okay with this schedule is that Elly is breastfed, and we're planning on going until at least 2 years (if Elly wants). That, and we don't do daycare. HTH

Lanny said...

Thanks! Lolly slept for 36 hours after her 2 months shots. I had to wake her up to feed her. I'm not against vaxing kids, but I do not see any reason it all needs to be done at once anymore. BTW, we won't be doing varicella until 5K either (and then only if she hasn't had it). Linus got the varicella shot, and then she got chicken pox. Thankfully that gives us an exemption for revax for her.

Thanks for the insight! I appreciate it! :)