Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The story of the neighbor and the fence

So there's still part of our fence in the backyard that's broken (different neighbor than the one who fixed the fence in the front). Dave and our neighbor started fixing the fence last Saturday. A couple of the fence posts had to be taken out and re-cemented. There wasn't enough concrete, so the neighbor poured in whatever there was, and Dave said he'd pick up another bag of concrete on Monday after work. Meanwhile, the neighbor put up some chicken wire to keep his dog from running into our yard. Which was fine by me. Yesterday, Dave picked up the concrete. Today, he walked over to the neighbor's house to discuss when they should put in the concrete, and when to finish fixing the fence. Only to find out the neighbor had moved out! Or so the wife said. What??? She didn't seem in any hurry to fix the fence, and I guess it's up to us now to decide when to finish the job. I'm fine with the temporary arrangement, really. Maybe we'll get around to it this weekend. I'm just in shock, I guess. Don't know what happened over the weekend, but I wasn't expecting this. Crazy!

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