Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Picture posting fool

That's me lately. Is it my fault that I not only have an exciting garden, but a cute baby, too? I'd post another picture of the watermelon (it's doubled in size), but I'll refrain. Maybe next week. :p There are actually 10 watermelons total (that I've counted), and about half of them are growing amazingly fast. There are also 4 tomatoes now. I'll spare you pictures of those, too, hehe. I do have to show off the cute baby, though.

playing at the pool

Bananas, yum! Hey, at least they don't make me gag anymore. :p


Dawn said...

I was surprised how much Aidan likes banana. He was slurping it off the spoon! She's very cute!

miranda said...

Fun stuff you've been doing! Are you enjoying Texas?

tearese said...

her eyes are soooo blue! Very cute.

Jeannie said...

Super cute pics!

As for your poll, we started watching Monk over the summer, and now I try to catch it every week.

I love that show, it is so funny.