Monday, September 08, 2008

Garden in September

So I just had to show it off again. :p The natural bug control seems to be working well so far, as we haven't seen much as far as pests go. All the water a couple of weeks ago did leave the tomato plants looking a bit sad. In fact, one of them keeps putting out flowers and then just dropping them. I don't know if it's a problem with the plant, the heat, or the flowers just aren't getting pollinated, but I'm thisclose to just tearing that plant out. The other plant has 4 tomatoes on it, which are growing nicely. I'm still hesitant to get too excited, as everyone keeps assuring me that the bugs or birds will eat them. Probably when they start turning red. But hey, at least I'll have lots of pictures of my gardening success. :D The watermelon plants seem to be slowly recovering from whatever made their leaves wilt. They are, in fact, putting out new leaves where the old ones used to be. The vines continue to grow like crazy, and we now have to mow around the plants. There are 3 melons that are growing really nicely, still. At one point, we had 10, but the others are just kind of shriveling. Not sure why. I did notice a couple of new little ones growing. We'll see what happens to those. I've decided the watermelons get till mid-October, and then I need to tear them out. I want to put in snap peas, and I can't wait too much longer. And since the watermelons have taken over the entire garden bed, I'm going to need to make room. I also got some seeds for carrots and a lettuce mix. And some parsley and chives. So mid-October is going to be exciting! :o)


Arianne said...

I love your blog. Jared and I still talk about how your family is one of the most admirable we've come across. I can't wait till we have a yard and can garden! Your kids are so big!

Alicia said...

The garden looks a ton better than ours has this year. When you get some more flowers on your tomato plants, try taking a Q-tip and self pollinating them to see if you can get them to produce. I once had a tomato plant growing in my house that was about 5 ft high and I would self pollinate them by touching the inside of the flower and then going back and forth a couple times.
- Kaleb