Sunday, September 21, 2008

Busy busy busy

Well, these last few days were filled with lots of things to do. As would be expected after a hurricane blowing through. We spent all of Wednesday cleaning up outside our house. There were shingles from the neighbor's roof all over the place, lots of little twigs and small tree branches, and the grass needed to be mowed really bad, as well. I went to work on my garden, too. I trimmed the watermelons, pretty much only leaving the vines that have the watermelons on them. I also tore out one of the tomato plants, and gave the other one a haircut. Since it still had one tomato left on it, I figured I should give it a chance. Now the garden bed is ready for my Fall garden, which I'm hoping to get in before I leave for Germany early October. I'm going to have sugar snap peas, which I've heard do really well here. Then there's carrots, chives, and parsley. After I get back mid-October, I'm going to put in the lettuce. Hopefully I'll be a bit more successful with the Fall garden than with the Summer one. I guess the tomato plant may still come around, we'll see. Thursday was back to gymnastics for the boys. They love going, and I can see why. It's an awesome gym, their instructor seems really nice, and the class is fairly small. They also had an open gym Saturday, to make up for the class we missed because of Ike. Fun times! Dave had to go back to work Thursday, leaving me wondering when we'd get around to fixing the broken pieces of the fence. Our neighbor came through big time, and fixed the fence in front all by himself. He's so awesome. He did a great job, too. The other neighbor we share part of the fence with and Dave started fixing that part yesterday, and will finish sometime this week. I guess that's one good thing Ike left behind. You get to know your neighbors well. Dave also got to help with a clean-up crew from church on Saturday. They went around neighborhoods helping people pick up, clear trees that had fallen, etc. etc. etc. It was a long day, but good. Today, we went to church, and now we're resting and catching our breath. It's going to be a busy week. The fence has to be finished, I have to go to the German consulate to pick up my new passport, I want to get the garden planted, the car needs to be taken in (check engine light came on, and the windshield has a crack...), and the kids will be home all week, due to school not starting up again until the 29th. Still moving right along... Didn't I ask someone to put on the breaks??? :p

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