Saturday, August 09, 2008


We have a new car! Well, it's a new used car, really. A 2006 Hyundai Accent. Hopefully will serve Dave well as a commuter car. It's quite small, but commuting to work is all we need it for, so it should be perfect. And we got a good deal on it (we think, haha). To make things exciting, Dave got rear-ended while driving it home. Fortunately, it was stop-and-go, so it's just a teeny ding, and he let it go. Exciting times! For added fun, I learned today that when you mow the lawn, you should stay REALLY far away from any pipes coming out of the ground. I bumped one, and it cracked, and water went everywhere. A call to the plumber and a bunch of money later, we now have a really nice and new looking pipe out there. In my defense, I think the pipe had already had a weak point. I swear I barely touched it! :p Now I'm watching the Olympics while Dave is finishing the edging and trimming out there, and then we'll hopefully go to the pool to cool off. :o)


kanaboke said...

oh that is hilarious!! little ding in Dave's car and huge pipe occurence in your backyard. That is too funny! I MISS YOU TOO FRIEND ACROSS THE WAY! And the kids miss their "airplane maker"! As for the clothesline, it's actually been used quite a bit!! We had two new families move in and they've been great! I'll email you and tell you more!

Shannon said...

Congrats on the new car and plumbing! Hope they both work great for a very long time!