Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bubbles, watermelons, and back-to-school

A little recap of our week. First, here's Elly, performing her new favorite pastime.

Second, the crazy watermelon plants. They've been getting little flowers for a while. I'm finally beginning to discover female ones. We'll see what happens. You'll notice the tomatoes aren't looking so great. They don't like getting rained on, and you can definitely tell.

Last but not least, this last week has been all about back-to-school. We went to meet Tyler's and Bryan's teachers yesterday. I love the small class sizes here! The boys' teachers seem really nice, and I think both boys are looking forward to school starting. The plan right now is for either Dave or I to drop them off in the mornings, and then they'll be taking the bus home. We'll see how that works out. Being that our household is 50% German, we also had a little party to mark the beginning of Bryan's school years. Complete with a Zuckertüte! My brother and his wife, who happen to be in town visiting, joined us for our celebration. :o)


Shannon said...

Hi Doreen-

Cute video of Elly. The kids all loved to watch it. I've never heard of a party to start school. Is it just a kindergarten thing, or do you do it every year? Spencer is taking German this year. So far he loves it. He has plans to call you if he ever needs help. Have a great one!

Doreen said...

Shan, it's only done the first year a child starts school. So we'll have another party when Kaylee starts in a couple of years, and then one more when it's Elly's turn. :o) Good luck to Spencer! Tell him he better be ready for some German conversation at the family reunion. :p