Monday, July 21, 2008

Hurricane Watch!

That's right, we're under hurricane watch. That didn't take long. :p Tropical Storm Dolly is, apparently, headed our way, and expected to intensify. Nothing too serious so far, but something to keep an eye on.


Kermit~the~Frog said...

Oddly, one of my favorite memories of Houston was the night the parking lot flooded. All of us were running around in water up to our knees, working together to push the front of everyone's cars up on the curbs. We apparently lived in an iffy part of town but we always felt safe there, and felt a camaraderie with our neighbors.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

The Houston Temple site flooded badly during construction during a tropical storm. It was decided then to build up the site by bringing in hundreds of yards of dirt and concrete and then drilling down into it to create the half basement for the baptismal font. Ten months after the temple was opened, tropical storm Allison came through in June of 2001. It rained 18 inches in downtown Houston overnight, backing up all of the drainage in the whole city. Though the area the temple was in only got about 8 inches (only!) overnight, the entire site was flooded and water was lapping within a few feet of the doors. Plantboy ended up with an enormous clean up effort of the grounds, but not a drop made it into the temple. If the site had not been built up, Allison would have put a foot of stinky water into the ground floor of the temple. The ward in our stake that was the hardest hit was by far the poorest (more in the city) and we cancelled church part of Sunday to help them that weekend. I see what kermit says about the comraderie. Some times it takes a Disaster, unfortunately, to bring out the best in us.

We had several friends who evacuated when that second hurricane came through the week after Katrina. Though living in Utah, we still owned our home down there and we were extremely nervous. Despite the city being emptied, only the Friendswood area was affected: where we lived? Blue skies and a few wind gusts.

Shannon said...

Welcome to Houston and the Gulf Coast!

kyleandbeth said...

Now I have to ask how Houston made one of the best places to live. I don't deal well with natural distasters. Of course, my kids think the storm that hit here last week could have been a hurricane.

Lari said...

We're hoping to get a bit of rain with that storm... it would really help water my husbands garden. haha

Jen said...

Doreen, here is a great hurricane tracking website that we've used to track hurricanes since Hurricane Rita.

Welcome to Houston!


Doreen said...

Jen, thanks for that link!

Beth, I don't think Houston gets hit by hurricanes all too often. I think this one is going to stay mostly south of us. It's the coastal areas that have a flood warning, and while we're in the same county, we're far enough inland that we should be okay. :p

Shan, you sure you don't wanna move down here with us?

Larissa, I'm looking forward to the rain. We certainly need some, from what I've heard it's been a lot drier than normal.

Kermit, that sounds like fun, lol!

STM, we had some friends who evacuated, too. Our realtor assured us that in the 50+ years she's lived here, she's only evacuated twice. That gives me some hope. :o)

Eleven Roses said...

Where are you guys now? Thanks for checking out my newly formed blog. I hope to get better at i soon.