Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Seriously? I thought we had a few more months until the mobile stage! Elly apparently thinks that she must begin to try and keep up with her siblings. Or, well, at least she thinks she needs to make sure she gets to her toys. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it myself, trust me. Miss Elly has figured out the army crawl. She totally did it on purpose, too! This evening, she was on the floor, just hanging out, when she decided to roll onto her tummy and check out her surroundings. She's gotten quite good at that, and usually just kinda looks around to see what's going on. Well, she saw this toy, and decided that she really wanted it. So she stretched out her arms, and then pulled herself forward while giving a little kick with the legs. Like, well, an army crawl. Or maybe like a caterpillar? Hard to describe, really. But she did it a few times in a row, until she got close enough to where she could touch the toy. I'm shocked, really. She just turned 4 months a couple of days ago!


Kelley said...

Yikes! and Yay! I guess it's a two-edged thing. I never truly appreciated immobility with my first until it was gone. And yet, it opens up a whole new world for her. What fun!

Canda said...

I hear ya. I loved those pictures of Kaylee. Why can't these babies just slow down and let us enjoy the immobility!