Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Finally back online!

And oh what a crazy week it has been for us! My parents are coming to visit us in a couple of days, and I will be very glad for some help around here. Here's the short of what's been going on.
  • May 30 - closed on the house! there went most of our bank account...
  • May 31 - one fridge: $1000
  • June 2 - movers came, and everything made it in one piece (at least the stuff we've managed to unpack so far)
  • June 3 - the unpacking began, shopping needed to be done: $200
  • June 4 - Dave went and got a root canal in the morning (you guessed it right, insurance didn't start until 6/9): $866, we went to Lowe's in the afternoon: $2500
  • June 5 - Bryan had a little accident, two stitches on the head: $375 (yep, the only week with no health insurance)
  • June 9 - Dave's first day at work!
  • June 11 - internet is back!
Now, seriously, tell me again where I can find the money tree! We're far from being done spending around here. :p Yeah, it's been an exciting week alright. We're loving the new house, though. Can't say it feels like home yet, I keep thinking we're just here visiting someone. Maybe once we get all the boxes unpacked... Anyway, I'm rambling. It's getting late (ish). I hope to be back with pictures and such soon. Now that I'm online again. Can you tell I'm happy about that? :p


KarateMommy said...

Sounds like an expensive week ;).

Keith and Nicci said...

That totally stinks - moving has enough hidden expenses as it is, but to have all that extra stuff happen makes it 10 times worse - I'm feelin it for ya. And I hate roaches too - those sound like the ones they have in Japan - nasty creatures.

Doreen said...

Nicci, they fly, too. Double yuck.

Yes, it was an expensive week. And we still don't even have any furniture in our living room. We sit on camping chairs. :p