Thursday, June 19, 2008

Check it out!

And prepare to be surprised. :o)

Best Cities to Live, Work and Play


kyleandbeth said...

So I guess the movers in our family have picked great places to live lately since you and Shan moved to places on the top 10. Though Provo?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone has already starting drinking the 'everythings better in Texas' Kool-Aid.

Doreen said...

What do I say to that? I don't drink Kool-Aid, for one. And I don't know about better, though certainly bigger. :p Funny, just last night I was complaining about how I'm really not sure I want to live here... Haha!

Beth, Provo surprised me, too. And Boise?

Sabrina said...

Very surprised!!! Shocked, in fact!!! But glad to see Austin up there in the rankings, too, getting the recognition it deserves as well. Houston??? Whoda thunk it?

tearese said...

nah, not suprised. I've seen those cities on tons of 'best places to live lists. Sometimes Cedar City and St. George are there too. The only reason Utah isn't on those lists more often is the low amount of $ per student there is in education.
We read a list where Logan was #1 in the Nation for best low crime rates.