Sunday, June 29, 2008

Astros Game!

I failed to mention that we got to go see an Astros game on Thursday! We're not really baseball fans, and certainly would never pay $50 per person to go to a game. But when we get a chance to go for free, we take it! The secretary at Dave's work approached him on Thursday and asked if we'd be interested in going. We decided to be spontaneous (which is very unlike us), and said sure! So all of us, including my parents, went to see the Astros beat the Texas Rangers. The first two innings were quite exciting, and the rest was just for the "experience". :p We had awesome seats, and the kids got some cotton candy, so it was all good!


tearese said...

Fun! I'm not a big baseball fan either, but I got to see the Mariners play for free about half a dozen times, and that was fun too.

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Well, you know I *am* a big baseball fan, and have seen the Astros play (the Mets, I was cheering for the NYers, of course).

Did your kids like the train at the stadium?