Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Our financing all went through. Loan people are going to send all the documents to the title company today, and we're all ready for closing on our end of things. Will have to find out what the sellers are up to, but so far everything is moving right along. I've also managed to arrange for our gas and electricity (100% renewable, yay!), and we've got a phone number ready. Now we just need to figure out what to do for internet, since apparently DSL is not available where we're going. Figures... So we'll probably bite the bullet and get cable. Who knew things cost so much money? LOL I guess that was one of the perks of living in student housing, phone and cable and internet were all included in our rent. Ah, the joys of home ownership. The money goes in the blink of an eye... Anyone know where I can find the money tree? :p


kanaboke said...

funny, I was just wondering the same thing...about the money tree that is...what a co-inky-dinky!! CONGRATS by the way!!

miranda said...

Congrats! Glad everything is going through. Good luck in your new home!