Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Big Day!

Dave is defending his dissertation today. Yay! This is the last big step before graduation. He's going to probably have to do some corrections before publishing, but that should be a minor thing. I'm so so so excited! Our 9th wedding anniversary is the end of May, and all we've known for these past 9 years has been school, school, and more school. It's so nice to finally be DONE! If all goes well, we may even be closing on a house the end of May/beginning of June. Hey, maybe on our anniversary, that would be cool. :o) I sent our realtor a list of 20 houses to look at today, so all is set for our trip next week. I'm slowly getting more excited, even though part of me still wishes we could stay here. It's going to be a big move!


Science Teacher Mommy said...


I left a very lengthy, strange and clumsy apology on your last post.

shannon said...

I've been thinking of Dave all day today. Hope all goes well and he can be done quickly. Congrats!!!

3in3mom said...

AWESOME! I'm afraid we're still a year away from that feeling and we've been doing it for 12! WoW --well I guess we had a break in the middle for 3 years so 9 too. . . still long haul!


Love, the Leamans