Sunday, March 02, 2008

Who needs sleep, anyway?

Recording this for future "this is why we're not having any more kids" reminders. :p This is what my nights look like now. I "suffer" from a combination of any or all of these, every night.
  • wake up to go pee, 2-3 times usually
  • wake up because of heartburn
  • wake up because I rolled on my back and my hips hurt
  • wake up to hip and/or stabbing ligament pain caused by an attempt to roll over
  • wake up to baby practicing pilates/yoga - this is the only fun part of waking up :p
  • move into a state of insomnia by 4 a.m.
Sounds like fun, huh? I'm to the point where I'm actually looking forward to "sleepless" nights with a newborn. While interrupted, the sleep I do get will at least be restful and painless. Ha! Not sure how I'm going to survive three more weeks of this. In my delusional 4 a.m. state of mind, I sometimes think switching back to a doctor and asking for an induction at 38 weeks doesn't sound so bad. Not that I would, really. A refreshing shower in the morning usually gets rid of such crazy thoughts. But you know...


Jeannie said...

OH, I remember! The last 2 months of my pregnancy with Nate were so, so painful. I just didn't understand it. It didn't hurt that much with the girls, and there were 2 in there!

I hpe it goes by fast for you, I can't wait to hear about your new little one!

Doreen said...

Jeannie, I think with each pregnancy, your body just gets more and more "loose", so you just get more uncomfortable because your pelvis "widens" earlier. All that fun stuff. Be glad you had your twins first, haha! :p

kanaboke said...

Ooooooh how well I remember those days...and alas I gave in and induced a week early....only to have sleepless nights with a newborn EARLIER, BUT, like you mentioned, without the the pain is just in my shoulder from falling asleep holding my newborn...bwahahahaha!

Melissa said...

Oh, I'm so there with you...I'm going through every one of those, especially the peeing...not so much with the indigestion, thankfully!