Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Yep, apparently there were 7 substitutes in the making for SB93. The 7th is the one that passed the House Health and Human Services committee today. It's the one that was introduced by Rep. Biskupski, so it's the "good" version of the bill. Yay! It will now go before the House for vote, and if it passes, it'll go back to the Senate for one more vote. Whew. Who knew the legislative process was so lengthy. And I don't even know what's going to happen if either the House or the Senate opposes it. Don't know if that means it'll be dead for good, or if there's room for introduction of yet another substitute, or what? I guess we'll see, the legislative session ends next week (March 5th, I believe), so either way, we're close to the end. :o)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cabin Fever!

Yeah, that's me. First we were stuck inside because of nasty weather, then we had a week's worth of red air days (during which I refuse to let my kids play outside), and now that it's finally sunny with clean air, two of the three kids have the sickies. So we're still stuck in the house. Someone get me out of here!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

And I thought something was wrong with me...

I told Dave this morning that I thought the ground was shaking. He was busy doing stuff and said he didn't notice anything. About half an hour later, I thought I felt it again. I didn't say anything, thinking maybe I was experiencing some pregnancy-induced dizziness or something. Come to find out, I'm not sick or going crazy. What I felt was an earthquake that happened a couple hundred miles west of here this morning! Just a friendly reminder that we do live in an earthquake zone, I guess. I hope not too much damage was done, gotta go check out the news reports.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

If you live in Utah...

UPDATE: SB93 is likely going to be voted on in the House this Wednesday or Thursday (Feb. 27 or 28). There are a couple of subs in the making. Ideally, we would like for the bill to just be killed, period. But if there has to be a sub, the one that is going to be presented by Rep. Biskupski is the one that's closest to a compromise. So, if you haven't already, contact your Reps and encourage them to say NO to SB93. This would leave the law as it currently stands. If they do feel an amendment is necessary, encourage them to vote in favor of the sub to SB93 that's going to be introduced by Rep. Biskupski. :o)

Please help us in the fight to preserve women's rights to choose home birth! Senator Dayton and the Utah Medical Association are at it once again (some of you may remember my rant on this subject last year). SB93 is seeking to "regulate" the scope of practice of licensed direct-entry midwives here in Utah. The problem with the "regulation" is that it is so restrictive, it would essentially prevent 90% of the women who currently seek care by a licensed direct-entry midwife from doing so in the future. The definitions of "normal birth" in this bill are very broad, and just about anything short of the baby falling out of mom could mandate transfer of care. I'm not kidding, it's that extreme. Furthermore, the Utah Medical Association was supposed to meet with the midwives to draft a compromise bill after the original version passed the first committee in Senate. Meetings did take place, and compromises were reached. However, the UMA decided to go behind the midwives' backs by drafting a version of the compromise and rushing it through Senate that was, in fact, NOT the compromise reached between the two parties. Let me also mention at this point that there is a separate rules committee in place, through the Department of Professional Licensing, which handles decisions regarding the scope of practice of midwives. Regulations should be made through this committee, NOT by putting them in statute. As a matter of fact, when midwives in UT were first licensed (3 years ago), the UMA had a chance to send a representative to the meetings to help determine rules and regulations. This representative NEVER showed up to the meetings! Now they're trying to push their agenda through legislation. While I can understand that some people believe there should be regulation, going this route is NOT the way to do it. The midwives have shown that they are willing to negotiate and compromise, but apparently, that is not enough for the UMA. So, even if you wouldn't choose home birth for yourself, please consider the implications the passing of this bill would have for women in this State. If you feel so inclined, please email your House Representative and ask him/her to oppose SB93S1. See below the letter I wrote to my own Rep (the bill has, by now, passed through Senate, and is in the House). You can find your Rep by going to Votesmart and entering your ZIP. :o)

You may be aware already that SB93S1 may move from the Senate to the House soon. As one of your constituents, I would ask you to please OPPOSE SB93S1. When SB93 was first introduced in Senate this session, it was passed through the first committee with the stipulation that the Utah Medical Association and the Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives get together to work out a compromise bill. SB93S1 is this supposed compromise bill. Sadly, the UMA set up the bill in a way that does NOT reflect the compromises that were made with the LDEMs during meetings. Instead, it puts further restrictions on not just licensed midwives, but unlicensed midwives, as well (who were supposed to be left out of the original SB93). If you’d like to know the exact points why SB93S1 does NOT reflect the compromise worked out between the midwives and the UMA, I have listed them below.

Let me close by saying that SB93S1, as it stands now, would severely limit my choices in healthcare providers. I am a mother of soon-to-be four. I have a college degree; my husband is going to graduate from USU with a PhD this May. We are educated people, and we care intensely about our children. I have done extensive research on childbirth, its history, and the history of obstetrics. I have also done extensive research on the safety of home birth. While my first three children were born at the hospital, my husband and I have chosen home birth for our newest addition. We have only done so after lots of prayerful consideration. I have read the outcome reports for LDEMs in Utah for the last two years, and am satisfied that these midwives are well aware of their scope of practice. They know which clients they can and can’t safely care for, as well as when to transfer care to a physician. I would like to retain my freedom to choose the healthcare provider I feel can provide the best care for me and my baby. I do NOT need the UMA or the State of Utah to make these decisions for me. Again, I ask that you please OPPOSE SB93S1, as it currently stands. Thank you for your time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

This fabulous bow brought to you by... friend Jeannie. Cute model courtesy of Dave and Doreen. :D I actually got a bunch of different bows, some for Kaylee on clips, and some for the baby on headbands. They're too cute! Can't wait to show off the headbands in a few weeks. :p

Friday, February 15, 2008

Denver, CO?

Anyone out there who can tell me more about it? There's quite a bit of space industry there, and apparently Dave's work hasn't gone unnoticed. :p We have until the end of March to decide on our Houston offer, so I just want to make sure I do all my homework here. Just throwing this out there for anyone who may have any input, you know, the good, the bad, the ugly. :o)

Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm STILL sick... I started getting better early last week, even went out to Olive Garden on my birthday (thanks Karin!), and had a fun pizza night with yummy brownies at Karatemommy's house. Maybe my body thought it'd be nice and give me a break for my birthday or something, cause by Thursday I was starting to feel crappy again. I wake up every morning hardly able to talk. After a few rounds of coughing my lungs up and blowing my nose for half an hour, I get somewhat better, but COME ON! Going on two weeks now... It has to get better at some point, right???

I also had an appointment with one of my midwives on my birthday. The other one sent me a birthday email. How nice. :o) Anyway, everything looks great, baby is growing well. She's currently posterior (or at least was a week ago), which explains the lower back pain I have from time to time. It also explains why I can feel her move around so much, her legs are kicking me right out front. I've thought about catching my alien tummy on video, but maybe that would be too weird, hehe. It really is quite interesting to watch those little bumps moving across my belly, under my skin. Sometimes I visualize a little baby inside of me, and I get strangely weirded out. It just seems so unreal, I don't know. Now I'm rambling... :p

I've also been doing more research on the Houston area, and am getting a pretty good idea of where I think I'm going to want to live, and what I want my house to look like, etc. It's been fun looking at houses online and figuring out what all I want and don't want. Dave is likely going down for a site visit the first weekend in March, and he may take some time to look around the area and such. I half wish I could go, but alas, probably wouldn't be a good idea at this point in time. :p We're hoping to have a decision made by mid-March, keep your fingers crossed that by then, we'll have some definite answers for the other job option we're waiting on...

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The big 3-0!

Happy Birthday to me, haha. The kids all got me some lovely presents, which I got to open just a few minutes ago. It always cracks me up to see what they picked out. I got a thermos mug, a picture frame, a bag of green M&Ms, a massage pillow, and a movie. :o) Gotta love birthdays!

Friday, February 01, 2008

When did she grow up?

Kaylee is getting so big all of a sudden! I was preparing dinner, and she said "Mom, uh making uh dinner?" Enchiladas, was my answer. "YUCK!" Gee, thanks. :p Later, I heard someone in the kitchen, putting something in the microwave and starting it. I looked around. Wasn't me, wasn't Dave, wasn't the boys. There goes Kaylee! I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she was heating up my rice bags for me. Anytime! Just don't start experimenting with metal... :p

Bump at 32 weeks

Just thought it was time for another picture. :o)