Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More snow, and my 29 week prenatal visit

Whee! Like we haven't had enough already. Chris came by for a visit today. She attended a birth last night, so once again she came to my house after a night without sleep. I asked her if most of the births she attends happen at night, and she said it sure seems like it. And now she's going to have to drive back home in the middle of a snow storm. Yeah, I'm pretty sure midwives don't choose their profession for fame or money. :p They certainly hold a job that takes some serious dedication. As for the baby, all seems to be going well. Heartrate was just fine, and the little booger is breech right now. Not like that means anything, since she seems to do somersaults nightly. :p

1 comment:

3in3mom said...

praying for a good delivery for you---head side down :)

SNOW--what's snow :0)

love ya