Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can I have some cheese...

...with that whine? I'm sick. Just a cold, but still... I hate coughing and sniffling and having a sore throat. Yuck. It's also snowing again, we're supposed to get up to a foot. Double yuck. I need to take the kids to gymnastics this afternoon, and am supposed to pick up my produce order tomorrow, so I'm going to have to go out in the snow. Triple yuck.

I'm also starting to get uncomfortable, I swear my belly is beyond stretching capability. How I'm supposed to keep growing for 8 more weeks without just popping like a balloon, I don't know. :p

On a positive note, I found out today that hot vinegar and a toothbrush work amazingly well for taking gum out of clothes. Even clothes that have been through a wash and the dryer. No kidding.


KarateMommy said...

peanut butter works great on gum too! if you're feeling really horrible, I can go pick up your produce for you tomorrow!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

I think I cough for a month straight every January I am in Utah. Try gargling 3 or 4 times a day with Listerine. The real stuff, not Scope or a store brand.