Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Another last place

Looks like the US isn't just behind in maternal and neonatal death rates, but healthcare as a whole is in a real crisis here.

Just read this article this morning.

Which makes me wonder, where does the money go? What happenes with the outrageous insurance premiums we pay? This illustrates, more than ever, that we need some serious change in this country. Rather than playing global police, maybe we should first focus on taking care of the people right here. What really struck me was that other countries manage to spend less and still come out ahead. So maybe it's not all about money. Actually, I personally believe that if everyone was provided with adequate preventive care, these statistics could be greatly improved at a very low cost. Thoughts? Opinions?


Lari said...

I had written a huge reply yesterday, but then my internet crashed. :P
Basically, I wanted to say that I agree. And not only is the quality of our health care lagging in this country, but it's so darn expensive.

These facts make me laugh at a certain politician at a certain recent GOP debate who said a few days ago, "Our health care is the best in the world." Blind jingoism is hurting America.

Lari said...

Darn, I was hoping that link would directly go to the article... but it looks like you'll have to copy and paste it.

Doreen said...

That was an interesting article. And of course our healthcare is the best in the world, since this country is the greatest in the world. ;o) Sometimes you wonder what bubble people are living in. Overall, this is a good place to live, but it's certainly far from perfect(says the immigrant, haha).

Lari said...

I agree. I'm happy I live here as well. This is a great country, but I also believe it could be better.